Pipes repair using composites

Pipe repair using composites

Composites have been used in various industries such as aerospace, automotive and infrastructure structures and recently in oil and gas industries. These materials have low weight and high specific strength and have high corrosion resistance for long periods, which increases their durability and efficiency and, as a result, their high reliability. In recent years, steel pipelines play a vital role due to the increasing demand for energy in the world. Many of these pipelines have been used for many years, and in these years, they have been corroded under factors such as high-temperature changes, high pressure, and chemical wear and need to be repaired or replaced. In the world, billions of dollars are spent annually to repair corroded or damaged steel pipes. A large amount of these costs are related to the old methods used in which the damaged part of the pipe is removed and replaced by a new piece of metal. This operation requires stopping the transfer operation, which causes the loss of a significant amount of possible income. In the last five years, several reports have been presented about the use of composite multilayers for the repair of pipelines, which shows the rapid growth of the use of this method in the pipeline industry.

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