Sandwich panels

Today, sandwich panels are used in air structures, military industry, rail transportation, ships, building construction, wind turbine blades, and the like. Structures made of two strong shells separated by a light core are sandwich structures. As the thickness of the structure increases, without a significant increase in weight, the ratio of bending strength to its weight increases dramatically. The material core is usually made of light materials such as foam or three-dimensional structures. Shells are also mainly made of light metals or layered composites. Fiber-reinforced layered composites are lightweight materials that have significant mechanical properties. Therefore, in recent years, researchers have focused on the design of materials and different patterns of cores of sandwich panels with composite tops. Layered composite materials reinforced with synthetic fibers such as carbon, glass, and Kevlar have been proposed as the most suitable material for a wide range of industrial applications. For example, these materials are widely used in aerospace industry structures, ship hulls in marine engineering, micro-electromechanical systems, and also reinforcing parts of concrete structures.

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